Do you believe in Lean Manufacturing?

"In my opinion, people devoted to Lean Manufacturing in our factories are in fact the last line of defense of the West’s rights and values. The success of their mission depeds on our industries surviving on either side of the Atlantic or falling at the feet of the Asian giants, taking away with it the wealth of our societies and the social and egalitarian way of life that the West has inspired the World in the last era. If you share my opinion somehow, do not miss watching this Video, I am sure you will like it. Sebastian J. Brau - iLEAN Implementation Director in US and Latin America"

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· Get Increased Productivity Improvements

Kaizen (or continuous improvement) is at the core of the Lean Manufacturing methodology and its continuous error seach and solving is the foundation on which the gradual increases in productivity are generated during each improvement cycle. iLEAN not only will be useful to implement Kaizen in the plant, but also will add several points to the % of improvement that you can reach in each process through the reduction of the time elapsed between the moment in which an error is detected and the moment when the most suitable solution is identified and aplied. Giving the factory a "digital nervous system" that will help minimizing the damages of any problem that may arise almost instinctively, just the same way as your instinct make you retire the hand immediately when something burns.

iLEAN screen - touchscreen Kaizen module iLEAN screen - OEE records + 6 Sigma module

· Reduce the Resistance to Change of your Workers

iLEAN is built as a platform of touchscreen Lean assistants designed to help the operator in the everyday work, giving him each time the needed information to do each job easily and without mistakes, through intuitive step by step wizards the tablets display when reporting the activity. This provokes a hughe change in his attitude and makes him connect to iLEAN because that is the best option to know what has to be done or where to find everything he needs to make it, not because someone is forcing him. Anyway, you will still receive the plant records that personnel formerly filled in in paper, now automatically generated by iLEAN as a simple consequence of the use of Lean assistants by the staff.

iLEAN screen - Lean assistants first load module iLEAN screen - SMED module with Timed Video Guides

· iLEAN Loads by simply Connecting to your ERP, which also Feeds Automatically

iLEAN gets loaded automatically with your ERP data. To make it you only need to indicate which ERP to connect with and with this minimum information the touchscreens of iLEAN will begin to fill in with your data in form of Kanban Panels, Poka Yoke Balls and the rest of system interfaces. But besides, iLEAN can be configured as well to return the ERP all the information it collects from the factory activity, feeding it automatically without needing that you or one of your plant managers would insert a single datum else into the ERP. This "little" change revolutionizes the role of the plant managers, that will stop chasing the Lean data throughout the factory in papers and forms and receive them without moving a finger in their tablets in real time, empowering thus their functions of Lean project control and monitoring, and eliminating all the poor value jobs they make before.